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Finland was nominated to act as the leader country in EU in July 2019 for the next 6 months.

The governmental elections were organized in April 2019 in Finland.

A new government was elected soon after that.

It is now the most suitable time to transparently research the administrative Finland, its values and model of democracy. This should be done for the benefit for both EU and Finland. The citizens of EU and Finland truly deserve it since both EU and Finland has displayed the high importance of a transparent judical system and respect of human rights for the citizens.

The official international view and reputation of Finland is quite different from how an ordinary citizen or entrepreneur understands the situation of the justice system of the country.

The obviously partly corrupted administration of the country Finland is now surprisingly strongly declining a fair trial possibility in the Arbitral Tribunal of Hague for Mr. Peter Fryckman who already received an official permission signed by the Minister of Justice, Mr. Jari Lindström for it!

The Minister of Justice Mr. Jari Lindström´s signed Haag permission for Mr. Fryckman on May 27th in 2017

IL-article on July 20th in 2017 where the Minister of Justice Mr. Jari Lindström releases his idea for the Hague permission for Mr. Fryckman

Already internationally quite well known Mr. Fryckman´s case is only one of the thousands more of similar justice mistreatment cases of entrepreneurs in Finland.

Have a look at the YLE MOT 28.5.2018 documentary of Mr. Peter Fryckman´s and Mr. Jouko Raita´s nearly desperate life situation based on  three (3) decades of continued mistakes of a political justice system of Finland.

Moreover, there are tens of thousands more similar failed justice sentences similar to Mr. Fryckman´s and Mr. Raita´s cases which are not publicly known yet.

It is now high time to independently and transparently research the Finnish Justice system in order to get true information for the citizens of both EU and Finland!

Please, read through this bulletin letter in order to better understand the nearly chaotic judicial situation of the country which also can be summarized according to the following.

The facts of Finland in the year 2019

  • Only a Potemkin Scene of a State with Law and Justice
  • Kleptocratic and corrupted administration
  • Political Court System
  • False financial crime convictions are not canceled
  • More than 10 000 suicides since 1990`s  due to illegal debt collection enforcement of banks and tailormade court system
  • The Conviction of Human Rights is not respected and followed
  • 800 Millions € the amount of taxes in Enforcement in 2016
  • 2,3 Billions € the amount of taxes in Enforcement in 2018!
  • 50.000 private enterprises (20 %) in the zone of bankruptcy
  • A majority of the enterprises are not doing any investments
  • Total population of the country: 5,5 Millions
  • 600.000 unemployed people are living under social welfare
  • 580.000 employed people are in Enforcement, 26 % of all employed
  • 400.000 people customers of debt collection companies
  • 500.000 pensioned people are living in poverty conditions 150.000 children are living in poverty condition
  • 700.000 Finns are daily eating mental mood medicines
  • Young educated academic population is moving abroad for a better future
  • Finland immediately needs a research group from the Council of Europe for the kleptocracy

Officially it´s internationally “known” that Finland is a country where everything works fine, citizens are happy and you can trust in all officials yet the judicial system is not corrupted.

The true situation, however, is quite different!

Recently eight (8) most highly ranked Finnish police leader/officers were accused on serious crimes in their work. None of them were condemned since in Finland since the top officials cannot be sentenced in the country since 30 year time!

Less than a year ago the State prosecutor was fired because of nepotism and suspected illegal doing in his job.

Then he was priced with another minor but well paid official job before his retiring.

Corruption in office and money fraud are very common in Finland.  It is very usual in Finland, that political parties conceal their monetary instruments when collecting money for elections, high ranking officials use their position in bureaucracy nominating their spouse or near relatives for high post earning good salary and high bonuses. No official disqualifies her/himself or friends or relatives when there is possibility to collect benefits… To put it together, during last 25 years Finland has developed itself to be a kind of reckless country that is living on debt, state officials get bonuses on destroying small and medium sized firms and police helps tax administration and receivers to rob private sector for their own and their gangs benefit. The following OECD report show You the facts about Finland. Finland is at the same level as Russia and PR China

In couple of hours was collected 10 cases of suspected serious official malfeasance that show how The Finnish officials are working effectively co-operating and using their power against Finnish constitution legislation, citizen and enterprises. 

The dismissal of the democracy rules are causing at least 300 million euros losses for these few private companies, but the members of the Parliament or highly ranked officials, members of the Police Government, State Prosecutors or any organization that ought to guard The Governmental Administration haven´t in any way  started to inspect the Finnish officials who do not follow laws and regulations. They have had time enough, over 25 years longest, 8 years the newest cases..

Dear Reader in an International Embassy in Finland or maybe Editor in Chief in an international newspaper or tv-channel, if You might give a little thought to Finland and its citizen that are at the moment very burdened under heavy taxes, complicated and not by forehand seen tax systems and regulations that nobody really can understand,  and where nobody control tax officials but they themselves?  Or would You be more interested in suspected police crimes or suspected corruption between police, debt collectors and advocates that arrange bankrupt cases to new owner?  It seems that corruption is in focus worldwide, so “clean Finland” might be interesting example that actually nothing is clean in Finland!

One might ask any police leader in The Ministry of Internal Affairs or Police Government, what is it like to lead a state police organization where are many times more criminals than in usual life but when nobody in police confesses anything and suspected criminals can trust that almost nobody in judiciary is willing to inspect the clear police crimes. The situation is continuously only getting worse.

A transparent international inspection should be organized immediately since the justice system doesn´t work in Finland. Leading parties and politics and high ranking administrators seem to be part of the rotten system.


There most definitely is much that You can do to help Finland back to constitutional democracy where the laws and rules are respected. At present criminals are a part of the Finnish administration, police, tax office and other organs that should get their suspected crimes inspected and judges should give sentences?

 10 short stories of illegally crushed enterprises representing victims of official corruption, malfeasance, illegitimate sentences, bureaucrats using law restricts to avoid sentences and judgements on the officials and politicians in Finland

Case 1 

A Finnish citizen, a remarkable prosperous international entrepreneur with 650 full time employees was sentenced in jail for fraud, tax evasion and many other alleged crimes. The process started 1980´s and for the moment is in handling in Haag, a citizen vs. Finnish state.  Major banks earned hundreds of millions but their doings are not investigated. State officials and receivers have destroyed properties worth tens of millions of euros and nobody seems to be in charge for these official crimes in Finland. In Finland officials don´t respect even Human Rights or the presumption of innocence.

Case 2

A Finnish citizen with remarkable prosperous results in international Finnish export/import and high tech turn-key project sales business was sentenced to jail for 2 years 10 months, all the charges were fully artificial, based on false testimony, counterfeited documents and suspected serious malfeasance by the police, tax administration, prosecutor and judiciary. Process started in the year 2000 and is yet continuing, but judiciary and tax administration are not admitting any mistakes from their side though the head criminal inspector and another person involved in the company have committed suicides, probably because of bad conscience.  State officials and receivers have destroyed property worth several millions of euros and nobody seems to be in charge for the losses due the mistakes made by the Finnish officials and Court judges. The eldest part of the process concerns the state bank misuse during the year 1989. The fiscal part of the process concerns the years 1996-1997. The citizen has already won the fiscal case five (5) times but this doesn´t seem to help him due to the former Finnish president in the year 1992 instructed the Supreme Court not to follow the legislation and the state officials simultaneously received a new bonus based salary system.

Case 3

A flourishing Finnish company was destroyed by false artificial charges, at least 20 police, tax officials and other civil servants attacking at the premises in the 2000s, then during years of ”inspection” and criminal court processing, all charges were dropped.  Entrepreneurs lost their livelihood income, losses were several millions, direct costs in were nearly one million euros, the process is still going on. The Finnish State officials and property receivers have destroyed property of the entrepreneur worth several millions of euros and nobody of the officials seems to be in charge.

Case 4

A successful entrepreneur in Western Finland was accused with false, artificial testimony and counterfeited documents, tax officials and prosecutor accepted these false stories and evidence, maybe there was some cohesion between story tellers and officials? Maybe some underpriced sales were made.. In many part of the world the word for this is corruption. An entrepreneur lost wealth worth over 10 million euros, his family broke, nobody wanted to be his friend or listen to the truth on the officials malfeasance. After 10 years battle all the charges were rejected, it is funny, that when the sentence was given, state prosecutor and tax administration were admitting that all their former accusations were false and wrong.  State officials and receivers have destroyed several property worth ten million euros and nobody seems to be in charge.

Case 5

A very decent and diligent immigrated former Russian family established international import / export business between Russia and Finland. They paid enormously high taxes, all their businesses were legal, according the Finnish law and statutes. One early day 20 with guns armed polices attacked to their home where mother of the family was alone, then the parents of the family were jailed and using false accusations and artificial stories state prosecutor charged that their family business was illegal, serious tax evasions were made. The family business lost all their international customers, the business was completely crushed by the officials. After several years the verdict was given: All charges were dropped, there was absolutely nothing illegal in the family business, that was destroyed by the police officials, the tax administration and the state prosecutor. Also the Finnish broadcasting company YLE was very eagerly giving false news on this ”tax inspection” to the international media so the annihilation of the family business was fully completed.  State officials and receivers have destroyed properties of the entrepreneur worth several millions of euros and nobody seems to be in charge in Finland.

Case 6

Another from Russian to Finland emigrated business family started their business in Finland after the USSR collapsed. The business was quite successful and all the taxes were paid in Finland. Then the Finnish police and The Tax Administration invented theory that this family business avoided taxes, was guilty also tax evasion and crimes in an illegal ”grey economy” 1) After 10 years in judiciary all the false charges were rejected, there was nothing wrong in this business. Business had lost all the customers, losses were worth tens of millions of euros. State officials and receivers have destroyed a business worth several million of euros and nobody seems to be in charge.

Case 7

Several Chinese families emigrated in Finland. Together with their families and relatives they founded a business village in one backward town (Kouvola) which had lost many of the tax payer inhabitants and businesses. For some reason, during one day over 200 Finnish officials from police, immigration agency, tax administration, frontier corps, workers union etc. attacked the village and a number of honestly working people were jailed and naturally, in a professional Finnish way, all the ”inspections” with no real evidence of any crime accordingly took several months. Nothing was found to start a false judicial process. Still today, after all the businesses were completely crushed down by mistake, because of this enormous attack got a lot of media time both in Finland and internationally. Thanks again to YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, State officials and receivers destroyed a property worth for several millions of euros and nobody seems to be in charge for this mess.

Case 8

During the depression of the 1990´s, when Finland on May 6thin 1992 lost her Judiciary Institution Montesque based Judicial Independence due to president Mauno Koivisto´s unfair order and later on made the Supreme Court 2decisions for favor of the Finnish banks and governmental structures. The Finnish banks became aware of this juridical advantage, manipulated their records and cooking their books, and using false and counterfeited documents destroyed the major part of the small and medium sized enterprises and home loan citizens in Finland. The plot worked so, that bank managers informed  customers that bank as a creditor insisted to have 50 % more in the securities of the loans. Situation was impossible for  entrepreneurs and citizens. All the prices were low, economy declined 10 %, unemployment was nearly 20 % in Finland.  Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and citizens lost their business assets and homes. Many company shareholder, private citizen and loan guaranty relative were sentenced to indentured servants for rest of their lives. Luckily, at least one victim has combatted against banks, tax officials and prosecutors and judges over 25 years and it seems that now he has found concealed evidence and testimonial documents on the crimes made by a bank, followed by the prosecutor crimes, judicial crimes and other criminal actions. Banks and state officials and receivers have destroyed properties worth over 25 million euros and nobody seems to be in charge.  Maybe some of the biggest wealth accumulations in Finland are based on the deals during this horrible time of depression 1990s?


  • The grey economy is a term that one Finnish tax official invented in his strange imagination claims that about 10 % of the Finnish economy is based on illegal transactions. It seems, that this official that later was fired from the Tax administration but was later given bonuses by the Finnish politicians and still collects fees by at present still working as a consult for the Finnish tax administration and The Ministry of Finance.
  • Mr. Jorma Jaakkola´s investigation report

The gravel and environmental construction business was developing its services and offered to stockpile spoiled landfills in its reservoirs. Local community and several constructors used their services.  Then abruptly, there were about 20 policemen and other officials attacking on the owner family and their workers and a helicopter  controlled on their reservoir area. Again, the same story, false accusations, possible hostile public official or perhaps a former truck driver giving untrue testimonial that awful environmental crimes were made on the premises.  After several years judiciary gave its sentence, it seems that few liters of fuel was leaked in the soil.  The case is still going, complain is made that all the fines should be cancelled. Probably police forces commando strike and helicopter fuel costed many times more than the fines that were ordered. The Finnish officials have destroyed several millions of euros of the entrepreneurs´ property and nobody in Finland seems to be in charge. Luckily this company is still working, serving its customers.

Case 10

During the late year 2010, the Finnish Christmas time police, tax officials and other state officials confiscated all the assets and receivables of two Finnish trucking companies.  These companies went to bankrupt immediately, their assets were given to jurist for reporting to judiciary and creditors.

 Big retail store chain came into serious difficulties because it had to have 7/24 service in its´ shops.  The freight contractor was big terminal company that offered possibility to several truckers to take through the arrested transport beginning immediately 17 December 2010, 00,00 o´clock. Then a new trucking company was founded in hours and it got agreement about 60% of the required transportations.  This new company started strictly legal business operation according to the legislation of Finland which is a not common case in the Finnish transportation business sector at the moment.

The business was started positively, young managing director had her family members and experienced consult to help the business at the start phase.  The company used only rental trucks, rental workers and rental garage. When You want to serve in trucking business in Finland legally, the best way is to use only rented workers and truck drivers, then you can use work force flexible. Everything seemed to continue well, during the autumn 2011 this new company negotiated on straight contract with the customer, worth of 3 million euros per year. Suddenly, the negotiations stopped on October 2011 and later, on February 13th2012 the company had only 2 trucks in operation when just before on February 12th2012 there were 42 trucks in work. Nobody seemed to know exactly why the promising negotiations were laid down suddenly by the customer without any officially said reason.

The explanation of the dramatic change of the business structure cam early morning at 27thMarch 2012, 7.44 o´clock, a fierce police attack.  Approximately a dozen of commando policemen in bulletproof vests, strongly armed in 3-4 cars invaded the pensioners home of company shareholders in Vantaa and at the same very moment also in Lahti where the managing director lived and carried on her studies.

The police officials jailed the minor shareholder, the father of the managing director for nine (9) days´ time.  He was interrogated every day between 17:00 – 21:00 for about four (4) hours during the late evenings. Nothing that he told was believed, nothing that he asked that police should investigate or acquire material, insurance evidence or bank statements was carried out ! During the rest of the daily jailed time in the normal daytime he was very strictly in isolation without any further said reason for the jailing than the counterfeited accusations written by tax officials. 

The Finnish police officials concealed all the evidence that would have proved the innocence of the victim. The police did not know or cared anything of the presumption of innocence. Police hid all the  crucial material on bank statements that would have proved, that things were as their innocent prisoner told them. Police only suggested, that if prisoner would pay the illegally constructed taxes that tax official had prescribed and would accuse his school mate and the son of this schoolmate on fraud, then the police would investigate more precisely what actually had happened.  The prisoned pensioner, minor Finnish entrepreneur, shareholder citizen denied all the false charges but nobody in police or prosecution or judiciary listened or read and study the tax complaints and their attachments that described the true facts.

The police and receivers confiscated 441.000 euros worth of assets of the prisoned minor shareholder enterprise owner.  YLE,  The mighty Finnish broadcasting company and its´ journalist published 27.5.2013 together with police commando chief and his weapon sergeant in a world widely distributed program on how the heroic police gang had found a tax fraud where many companies were established only to avoid taxes.

To keep the story short, the prosecutor did not take any material from the accused innocent victim, probably she did not read anything that would cause a reason to release the suspected and then imprisoned citizen. After 3 years from the morning attack, followed the heavy week in criminal court where all the artificial charges were rejected and the sentence was given on November 27thin 2015. Nobody complained. The police, tax officials, other state officials and receivers destroyed a prosperous business worth several millions of euros and nobody seems to be in charge.

This case is still ongoing, falsely accused family has asked that the suspected criminals in police, tax administration, prosecution institute and perhaps in Eläketurvakeskus-organization would get legal inspection by police and prosecutor but without succeed. One..two..three  high ranking police officer and many jurist have told, that it is probable, that no police will ever investigate this awful malfeasance and many crimes that officials have made in this case. It is the usual way in Finland, public corruption. All the legal cost compensation are also missing and value added tax that should be paid back, officials won´t even handle these matters? So, when police is saying, that nobody wants to investigate cases where it seems that police have done wrongly and committed crimes despite the evidence and tax official can say, that “ I wrote the decision and it is by the law, there is nothing wrong in my work”, so what can a citizen do to get her justice?

The police administration is investigating himself, tax officials are investigating themselves, prosecutors and judges are investigating themselves.

Finland most obviously immediately needs an external investigator group to search through and clean the corrupted administration system.

For the above mentioned reasons Finland has become the sick man of Europe.



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